Kylee's smash hit song by Sony Music Entertainment "Crazy For You" remixed as English Acoustic Version, ARTGENIC NAILART SQUAD TEAM was appointed to featured nailart creation during filming session.


Excecutive Producer: Yuji Fukutomi

Producer: M. Endo

Director/DP/Editor: Ryusuke Okajima

Nailart Design: Yoshiyuki Nakanishi

Makeup Artist: Minaho Takahashi

Wardrobe: Ayumi Shibata

Remix & Music Producer: Kiyotaka (Ki-Yo) Kurihara

Kylee - Singer Song Writer & Producer

Kylee was born in Chandler, Arizona, to a British-American father and Japanese mother, Her father inspired her to become a singer. She has a younger sister and a younger brother. When she was eleven years old, she passed an audition to perform the national anthem at the opening of an NBA game, earning a standing ovation. This performance earned her the interest of music producers, and she was signed onto the independent label RX-Records. Kylee attended Stoller Middle School in Portland, Oregon, until 2007, when she returned to Arizona. Kylee attended Hamilton High School and is expected to graduate from Stanford University in 2016.

Kiyotaka (Ki-Yo) Kurihara - Singer Song Writer & Music Producer

Kiyotaka was born in Sendai, Miyagi, was musically influenced by Mariah Carey, Stevie Wonder, Aretha Franklin, Akiko Yano, Elton John, Billy Joel, Noriyuki Makihara, Whitney Houston. In 2000, Kiyotaka sent a demo to EMI Music when he visited Tokyo to see a concert by Mariah Carey.  He was recognized for his talent and got cahnce to make his debut.  On October 22, 2000, his first single "No No No" was released.  It was a success, charting No. 45 on the Oricon single weekly chart. On April 18, 2001, "The Only One", which is his biggest hit, was released as a third single.  It was used in a romantic drama, "Pure Soul ~ Kimi ga bolu wo wasuretemo ~" and gained a big attention.  In 2010, he moved to New York City and started to working there.  He participated in McDonald's Gospelfest, Gospel Night at Apollo Theater and a play called "Black Nativity" in Broadway. In 2011, he was invited to Annual Keeper's of the Dream Award Ceremony as a guest choir.  His musical talant was praised by Stevie Wonder.

Ryusuke Okajima - Video Director/DP/Editor

Born in Sendai, Japan, Ryusuke Okajima worked in post-production for five years as a commercial editor, building his editing skills.
In 2007, Okajima began film studies at Santa Barbara City College (SBCC) to hone his editing skills and expand his international connections. That same year, his first piece in the United States won second place in the SBCC commercial contest. In 2009, he transferred to the International School of Motion Pictures (ISMP) in Los Angeles. He studied under Chisako Yokoyama,who was actively involved in several films, including Good Will Hunting, Gladiator, Hannibal, Until the Night, Only the Brave, Casshern (US version), and Sayuri. Since graduation, Okajima has worked on numerous independent films, commercials, music videos,
and introduction movies, all while creating his own original works and pursuing his dream.


Minaho Takahashi - Hair and Makeup Artist 

Minaho after graduated a college of cosmetology, worked at a salon in Tokyo as a hair stylist.  In 2009 Minaho moved to Los Angeles, started a career as SFX makeup artist at Joe Blasco studio and learned SFX theory.  Now Minaho works as a freelancer hair and makeup artist and has steadily been building up own careers in areas of CM, MV, Sheet Film, Photo Shoot, Fashion Show etc.  

Ayumi Shibata - eis/Creative Director/Owner

Ayumi Shibata was born in Japan and received her degree in fashion design from Bunka College in Tokyo. She has been designing and developing brands for Japanese fashion houses and collaborating with luxury labels. In Japan, her designs were a favorite of musicians. Her work has taken her through out the South East Asia and Western Europe. In 2006, her dream of moving to California came true and two years later she found her self living in Los Angeles. She began designing and rapidly gained visibility in the industry. Her designs have been worn by celebrities on talk shows and featured in music videos. In 2014, Ayumi launched / eis /, a collection that combines the casual sun kissed warmth of the Los Angeles lifestyle, with the cool luxury of the European Mediterranean. The collection is defined by unique ready to wear pieces that include tops, shawls, capes, and dresses.

Britney TOKYO

Nailartist born and raised in Japan, but now her field of creative activity is in Los Angeles...♥


As a young girl, started to have interest and love towards art by being influenced by grandfather who was an artist. From age 4, learned water painting and oil painting. Won numerous awards from various competitions.
During her teens fell in love with sculpture and soon became to have interest in graphic art. In college, studied computer design. After enrolled in a nail academy in japan, very famous for having the top nailist being graduates. After achieving the JNA Level of a 1st class nailist, relocated to the states in 2005.Decided to live in Los Angeles.
After acquiring the california manicurist license, also accomplished the gel master class and qualified to be a led gel educator.Also won numerous titles for nail art at international contests outside of japan and the us. even to this day, proactively participates in competitions along with her fellow strong competitors from around the world.
has numerous famous celebrities as clients, participates in fashion shows, magazine shoots, and even offers designs to big fashion name labels.
More than a manicurist or a pedicurist, the title 'Nail artist' fits perfectly with her style of working. The designs that come up links with fashion the most, and recently even started to design clothes and accessories, and actually makes the product.
Her pieces of work is always filled with originality and always fresh, It is hard to not give any attention!

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