Our quality nail gels are made in Japan. We have formulated our colors with only the finest quality pigments and balanced them perfectly with our base gels to create a product that is ideal for nail art. We use only genuine Japanese ingredients, because our goal is to expand the practice and esthetic of Japan-Quality gel nail and nail to the rest of the world.

Nail artists and technicians will love creating edgy and sophisticated designs using ARTGENIC colors.  Our high pigment load and self-leveling base make our colored gels very similar to acrylic paint in texture, but with the versatility of gel.


Most colored gels are made by adding pigment to a generic, prefabricated base. The amount of base used generally remains the same, regardless of the amount or type of pigment being added. What makes ARTGENIC different is that we have formulated each color individually. Our team of scientists and nail artists worked with each color to specifically customize each color, taking into consideration pigment shrinkage, uniformity, streaking and dispersion for each color. ARTGENIC’s formulas have been developed to offer maximum workability and stability to ensure proper application and coverage every time.

Our color gels are highly functional and reliable, created to be unique and designer-friendly.

Our products are reliable and safe, because we only use the finest quality ingredients and adhere to strict standards in our manufacturing process.


ARTGENIC base gels are a new innovation in gel technology. Our gels are formulated using quality raw materials and advanced ingredients, and manufactured in Japan. The formula has superior adhesion to natural nails, never lifting and yellowing or discoloring. The texture and viscosity of the gel ahs been specifically formulated to apply evenly and easily.

Nail Art has become an important part of fashion. ARTGENIC’s goal is to separate ourselves from the rest by taking a different approach to nails and nail art design.


We believe that nail art is not separate. It is an integral part of a whole, encompassing all fashion trends. At ARTGENIC we extensively research and pay attention to emerging trends in seasonal fashion, accessories, clothing, hair styling and, of course, nails. We are continuously launching new colors to adapt to changing fashion scenes globally. We emphasize and create nail art that is inspired by fashion and we see nail art as an extension of fashion. Beautiful nails are the ultimate fashion accessory.


ARGEGNIC adheres to very high safety standards. ARTGENIC products contain no allergenic substances that can cause skin irritation.  From the very beginning, we developed ARTGENIC with the purpose of targeting global markets. Japan is strictly regulated regarding product safety with regards to professional nail coatings.  And we adhere to Japanese regulations as our products are manufactured in Japan. ARTGENIC does not use any industrial grade pigments and we do not use monomers that are known to cause skin irritation.  ARTGENIC's ingredients are highly advanced and are designed to give maximum adhesion and quality but without sacrificing safety and health.

ARTGENIC’s R&D Team in Japan spent many years engaged in extensive research. We utilized state of the art technology as well as repeated real-world salon work tests. We work closely with renowned nail salons and nail artists and technicians to test and refine our products so we create products of the highest quality. 


Nailartist Kanako Miura/Creative Director of ARTGENIC until 2015

A legend gifted with rare talent, Kanako has been recognized in her own creative activities as nailartist for over decade.

She is the first one who called herself as "Nailartist" and her creativity is renowned in fashion and cosmetic industry, Kanako creates the breathtaking nailarts with using her imagination as well as matchless creativity.  Kanako worked with us during the starting stage of ARTGENIC launch and her passion and idea is brought into the product.

Owner of Nailart Studio Ruby & Onyx

Belong to Three Peace

1995 Diploma at NSJ Nail Academy

1999 Started as freelance nailartist after worked at salon in Tokyo.  Soon after her creativity inspired key persons in fashion industry, and started making nailarts for photo shooting and numerous fashion events.

2010 Opened own nailart studio Ruby & Onyx in Tokyo Japan

Kanako published a few books, "Kanako Miura's Nail Life" "Kanako Miura Nail Spirit" etc.

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