ARTGENIC Clear Gel is a new breakthrough in UV/LED gel nail technology. Create elegant, thin and natural looking gel nail enhancements with our Clear Gel. Clear Gel cures in 5, 15 and 30 seconds. Our superior formula with advanced adhesion NEVER LIFTS OR PEELS. Clear Gel has a moderately thick viscosity, which ensures maximum workability and control for the nail technician.

BASE S is our medium viscosity, self-leveling gel. It is a strong adhesion gel and it’s relatively thinner formula make it perfect for gel nail fills. BASE S cures in 30 seconds with LED lamp, 60 seconds with UV lamp.

GECKO clear gel has the highest adhesion strength of all of our gels. GECKO clear gel is best for clients with damaged natural nails that are unsuitable for other types of gel. It adheres more strongly than BASE S and is longer lasting.

CC CONCEALER BASE Gel is our coverage gel. Pigments in this gel help to cover up imperfections, redness or discolorations in the nail.

ARTGENIC Hard Gel Clear & Builder feature the latest in LED technology, with NO RADIANT HEAT when curing.  All materials are manufactured in Japan but our formulas are created and tested by scientists in the USA.  HARD CLEAR GEL is a versatile product. It can be used as a base coat and its glossy shine makes it an excellent top coat as well. Nail designs will last longer and stay shinier using our Hard Clear Gel.  HARD CLEAR BULIDER has a thicker viscosity, so it stays where you put it for maximum control. This makes it perfect for building and sculpting enhancements.  LAST WIPE is ARTGENIC’S original solvent. Remove the final tacky layer with Last Wipe to create an incredibly shiny and glossy finish.

5~6 weeks NO LIFTING & PEELING at all with Gecko.

after e-filed top, color, 90% of base layers, there's not any lifted or peeled part being found, the picture shows the remaining 10% base gel from an original set.

New set has nicely done with minimum effort and reliable base gel. Gecko is the last one you can trust!

ARTGENIC color gels are formulated to top standards using only carefully sourced and screened ingredients. ARTGENIC is GUARANTEED FORMALDEHYDE FREE. Why is this important? Formaldehyde is a toxic chemical typically used in construction and in glues and resins. The World Health Organization has declared it to be carcinogen, allergen and toxin. Because of its use in construction and building, it is a common indoor air pollutant. At concentrations above 0.1 ppm in the air it can irritate the eyes and mucous membranes. Unfortunately formaldehyde is a chemical that can be found in many products involved in the nail industry, such as polishes and gels.

Product Safety is our #1 Priority

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