NAILART SQUAD is available for you and your salon to help provide support and education for your team, particularly for photoshoots. Our nail artists will help you and guide you by providing assistance to you and your team. Whether it is a movie, photo shoot, fashion show, beauty event or promotional event, we will help you excel and work at your best. Please feel free to contact us by email.

Our Nailartists

Yoshiyuki (YUKI) Nakanishi

ARTGENIC Master Stylist

Yoshiyuki started nailart practice at very early stage that when he was 12 years old.

At the age of 15, his exceptional nail design performance attracted many people and he was introduced in the local news paper.

Age 18 - 26, he's been resided in Honoulu Hawaii, he was encountered with ARTGENIC R&D team and started working as the technical manager until now.

2013 Nailpro Sacramento - Gel nail class 1st place

2013 ISSE Long Beach - Gel nail class 2nd place

2014 IBS Las Vegas - Gel nail class 3rd place

Gel art class finalists  Yoshiyuki has a prominent teaching skill as an educator of basic nail technic.  

ARTGENIC Master Stylist

Owner and Nailartist of Salon L'amie 

Kumiko's untimate theme on her work is "Nailart meets the trend fashion"


She was called for Paris collection etc. as the first nailartsist and presented her designs for the stage models.  Such precious opportunity keeps bringing her to the next level, Kumiko is seeking another opportunity internationally.   

Kumiko Magosaki

ARTGENIC Master Stylist since 2016


Owner and Nailartist at itsuka KIT DESIGN

Itsuka creates marvelously sophisticated and feminine world.  Her specialty is 3D deco.  3D is three-dimensional nail accessory, putting multiple sizes of rhinestones or blings together to demonstrate one gorgeous decoration on finger tip.  She does basic painting design as well as air-brushing.  

Itsuka inspired by urban life style in NYC, so she selected all furniture, ornament in her studio that remind her the images of NY styles.

Itsuka Funaki

ARTGENIC Master Stylist


Akiko was working film industry makeup department in japan have done a lot of Commercials on TV.  She's now  as the  freelance artist for Hair makeup and nail design. Akiko specializes in beauty with a edge style.


Nominated for Best makeup for International fashion film festival 2016 "THE ONE3"

Nailpro competition 2016 Sacramento Handpainted veteran 2nd place

Nailpro competition 2016 Orland Fantasy nail art veteran 2nd place

Nailpro competition 2016 Pasadena 3D art veteran 1st place

Nailpro competition 2016 Long beach Fantasy nail art veteran 2nd place 

During 2016 single year and so many more to date...

Akiko Yamakawa

ARTGENIC Master Stylist 

Aki moved to NYC after 7 years experience as nailartist at one of the most prestigious salon in Osaka Japan.  Her clients were all loyal patrons who loved nailart and admitted Aki's extraordinary design skills.  Through these years in Osaka, she has also worked numerous shooting sessions of fashion magazines as part of media activity.

In 2016 Aki's nailart was featured by Instagram official and she got an astronomical likes during short period of times.

Aki says "nailart" in USA is still under developing phase, but she is eager for becoming one of the most fashionable nailartists that many people dream to be...

Aki Hirayama

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